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SKI Diffuser - Create a Unique Experience of Expanded Sounds

Designed utilizing modulated prime root number theory, the SKI diffuser math shows us that the reflected energies will be equal in all the diffraction directions, yielding an even sound redistribution pattern. These beautiful two-dimensional diffusers broaden the soundscape and make a room sound larger. Its special performance feature is that it virtually eliminates the specular component of the incident sound wave. This means that in terms of creating a sense of spaciousness, while supporting imaging, there is no equal.

Many sound diffusers available on the market today are simply random blocks in a series and are not calculated to give true even acoustic diffusion. Many of them don’t even have a considerable depth to be considered effective diffusers. Ski Diffusers will not just fix eco, retain sound quality and scatter stationary modes but they will make your room a dream sanctuary for audiophiles.

Colors: light brown, brown, natural, red, black, white (ask for custom colors for your special projects)

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm squares (15 cm maximum depth)

Set: available in 1, 2 or 6 square panels

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