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Acoustic Panels

Elementi, Assor Acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels placed on walls or ceilings to control and reduce noise, eliminate slap echo and control comb filtering in a room. The objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality with sound absorbing panels. Often used to treat recording studio acoustics, church acoustics, home theater acoustics, restaurant acoustics, and listening rooms, the purpose of acoustic panels is to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, resonance within the room.



Mineral Wool

Sweet Spot Absorption 96 kg/m3

Recording Grade

Great for Home, Commercial & Studio Use


One or Two Dimensional Diffusion

Why Mazzieri

Integrating top of the line machinery with the best materials in the market. Artist Approved!


Top of the line designs bring out the best of your room. Look good, Feel good, Sound good.


True effective materials such as mineral wool (aka Rockwool). No compromises, to help you bring out the best of you.


Get the best bang for your buck. Modular products, easy to transport, install and upgrade along the way.


Get a free Online Consultation from an acoustic designs expert.

Know what you need? Buy direct or your favorite marketplace: Amazon.com.mx or Mercadolibre.com.mx

Honored Projects


Best acoustics ever in the Museum...

R Morales

Excellent service. We needed a large set of ASSOR panels urgently for an exhibit. Mazzieri AD delivered as expected with a tight deadline. Great quality and performance.

Total acoustic insulation achieved

Raquel Garza

We wanted the best possible sound to help our clients pump up while working out yet maintain a good relationship with our next door neighbors. Mazzieri’s projects not only look great but worked wonderful.

One stop shop.


Mazzieri not only supported us with the engineering of the project but also manufactured the necessary panels.

Solved absolutely everything

Lalo Bladinieres, Producer, BeatsByCompadres

Mazzieri solved absolutely everything for us, from the work station to any type of acoustic need. Designed not only to optimize functionality but also aesthetics and adaptability to any need.

Recordable rehearsal sounds

M de la Maza

Radical change in acoustics for our rehearsal room. No more ceiling and door vibrations. Finally a balanced sound we could almost record as is.

Great Equipment needed great treatment

A. González

An expensive HT is nothing without a great room. Mazzieri´s team set us up with amazing looking panels for our room to finally achieve what we were looking to experience, hear and feel.

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