Chez Diffuser

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Chez Diffuser (2 Dimensional)

Designed utilizing modulated quadratic residue number theory; the performance of these units is similar to their Res counterpart, only in 2D! The scattered energy is in the form of a hemi-sphere. This panel technology brings high performance in a low profile -great for applications where headroom is at a premium. Chez pattern it’s optimized to achieve excellent diffusion performance.

Many sound diffusers available on the market today are simply random blocks in a series and are not calculated to give true even acoustic diffusion. Many of them don’t even have a considerable depth to be considered effective diffusers.

Diffusers will help you retain sound quality absorption just can’t. Scattering waves, diffracting reflections and eliminating room space issues are just some of diffusions advantages. All that can be achieved without any excess of dryness or damping of the room.

This quadratic residue two-dimensional technology will do wonders for any audio dedicated room or social venue. Achieve your acoustic goals with styles. Sound great, look great, feel great.

Colors: light brown, brown, natural, red, black , white.  (ask for custom colors for your special projects.)

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm squares (15 cm maximum depth)

Set: available in sets of 1, 2 or 6 square panels.

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