Starter Set 9B

Size Guide

Mazzieri Starter Set 9B.  Ideal for home studio or office, podcast or other small rooms:  

  • Up to 9 m2 rooms
  • 2 Elementi Diffusion Cubes 60 x 60 cm by 2" deep (choose from 3 design plates)
  • 2 Assor BroadBand Absorption Panels 60 x 120 cm by 2" deep
  • Available in your choice of fabric color.

Designed for rooms up to 100 ft2 (9m2), can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces such as studios, offices, board rooms, home theaters. These easy to use kits are an affordable way to start with acoustic treatment or scale to your space needs.

Contains Assor panels that tackle problems affecting any room, such as primary reflections, flutter echo, and standing waves.

Elementi & Assor panels are made from high-density 96 kg/m³ mineral wool, offering nearly five times greater absorption than typical low cost foam alternatives. This means that you get more absorption with less panels, while assuring an even absorption curve throughout the frequency range.

Assor Panels available in gray, sand, chocolate, blue, black, ivory, geranium, silver colored fabric or ask about other custom color options. 

Elementi Panels available in 3 different plate designs: horizontal, binary sequence dashes and dots, or horizontal and vertical dashes. 3 Colors: white, black or natural.

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