Elementi 1D Diffusor / Absorber 4"

Size Guide
Size * Square
Color * Natural
Pack * 2 Pack

Elementi 1D 4" series panels are made with rigid mineral wool absorption material wrapped in your choice of fabric and finished with an attractive plate that has a mathematical sequence of grooves for one-dimensional scattering / diffusion.

Achieve a smooth decay time from low to high frequencies while providing the absorption necessary to flatten the frequency response.

Each panel is fully encapsulated with micromesh. Panels are then covered in a tough yet acoustically transparent fabric and offered in four ‘architecturally neutral’ colors (black, gray, chocolate, indigo).  Other fabric colors are available upon request.

Panel core made of 100% recycled materials, environmentally friendly, without formaldehyde or urea formaldehyde.

Panels and PRICES are per box containing 2 or 4 panels per box.

Core: Rigid mineral wool (density 96 kg / m³) provides twice the ultimate absorption of similar foam-based products.

Design: The thin faceplate has a mathematical sequence of grooves for spatial diffusion, but also allows low-frequency waves to pass through the mineral foil panel for low-level absorption.

NRC: 1.05 (versus foam products where NRC = 0.4)

Available Sizes (2 or 4 Panels per box)

  • Square 60cm x 60cm
  • Narrow 30cm x 120cm
  • Rectangle 60cm x 120cm

Suggested Placement
The Elementi 1D panel can be used on the front or rear walls and the rear side walls to maintain a lively room with better mixed reverb.

Can be used on rear sidewalls or behind dipole speakers to round out sharp reflections.

Use anywhere: in a recording studio or other large spaces, helping to distribute energy evenly throughout the room. Panel used in: recording studios, boardrooms, offices, hotels, bars and restaurants, museums, home theaters, churches, gyms and more.

Add independent supports on the panel and lay the plate out for diffusion or turn the fabric side out for broadband absorption. It also allows flexible placement at early reflection points or in corners as a bass trap.

Line: Elementi Series

Model: Elementi 1D 4"

Panel Density: 96 kg / m³

Covers: as a reference 4 square or narrow panels adequately cover 1.44 square meters (4 rectangle panels 60x120cm cover 3 square meters).
Use the ones you need according to your application. You can buy in pairs and grow modularly to transform the sound of your areas.

Available plate colors: Natural, Black and White (ask if you are interested in others).

Available fabric colors: black, gray, chocolate, indigo (ask if you are interested in others).  

Flame retardant: this product does not generate open flame. Certified product.

Product with acoustic absorption analysis in chamber under ISO: 354

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