Our Mission

Create the most beautiful acoustic spaces that provide unforgettable audio experiences.

Our Story

Since 2016 Mazzieri began supporting the music industry as sound engineers on recording sessions. We noticed first hand what great need there was for real solutions for room sound transformation.

Combining sound engineering expertise with computer controlled furniture equipment, we set off to embark on our journey to provide the best acoustic panels and solutions for room audio control. In 2018 we started our own production facility and by 2019 we began providing panels across b2b and bc2 sectors.

As sound engineering consultants. We have provided solutions for any space from gyms, museums, restaurants, bars, to home studios and theaters alike.

Today Mazzieri is focused first and foremost on you our client. Providing sound transformation solutions according to your needs. Helping you sound like you.

Our Approach

All our products have usability, and function as a priority. We work closely with your needs and requirements to provide simple solutions that look amazing and meet their purpose.

Our work, done right, will provide spaces that will simply ... move you.

Our Values / Pilars

Our values, guide the every day work of our team. Decisions into everything we do and build are driven.


Out of the Box Thinking
Different materials, designs, locations can achieve quite different results. We aim to always look for and try new options to solve a same problem, better.


Aesthetics. Pleasing to the senses.
Our team looks to provide designs that looks great, blend with your space and adds aesthetic value.


Built to last.
Our solutions are used in spaces that will be in high use for long periods of time and so our products must exceed that same time frame.
Customer Focused

Customer Focused

We hear you first and foremost.
We aim to be close to the customer. We want to understand and solve better any need you may have.


Made effectively.
Great engineering can provide products that are usefull, easy to use and last a long time.
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